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We had an unbelievably bad experience with Ooshirts. They printed our non-profit event shirts wrong, and we couldn't use them. Ooshirts was evasive when we actually were able to reach them, and then wouldn't respond to calls or emails. The only way to get our money back was to request a chargeback from my credit card company. Ooshirts initially responded to credit card company's investigation by saying that they printed the shirts according to... Read more

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This company has poor customer service. I have been waiting on shirts that were supposed to be delivered weeks ago and I've yet to receive the shirts or a shipment email. Every time I email customer service they tell me to visit the website and check the status of my order which doesn't help because apparently they don't update it. It was only a reorder of what I had previously ordered the month before so you would think that it wouldn't be... Read more

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Ooshirts has been a headache from the very beginning. They tell you to call them for help, but then the operator says they don't have phone support. When their servers are down, which is ALL THE TIME, they cancel your order without you knowing and then they ask you to re-order days later. They wouldn't provide me with upgraded shipping or any discounts for this huge inconvenience. Terrible customer service and support. They just don't CARE. The... Read more

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Unprofessional is this place the phone number always says there is no one there i left several phone messages ive went to there so called live chat 100 tomes it stayes they are away from office and im unable to leave a message. There site says they will contact you in 24 hours which is a joke ha ha they dont. Lets put this unprofessional ooshirts out of business . DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS PLACE!!!!! READ THE FEED BACK OF OTHERS FIRST... Read more

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  • Aug 06
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Shirts were two weeks late, missing out event. Also when thy finally arrived the printing looked terrible and the shirts were the wrong color! I have made multiple attempts to contact the company but they don't respond.

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WARNING DO NOT PLACE AN ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY. They lure you in with cheap prices but do not keep any of the promises they make you. They do not communicate with you (other than canned messages that don't answer your questions), make no effort to meet their "guaranteed delivery date", and make no effort in resolving any issues that come up. Here is what happened with me when I made an order for shirts for a company trip to CA with "guaranteed... Read more

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The customer service is non-existent. Calling meant being on hold for HOURS or simply having a machine tell me to use the web to get in touch with you. VERY poor service and treatment of your customers. i placed my order with plenty of time and didn't hear back for an entire week from your people- at that point I was told my order was on hold - simply because I had asked about getting a discount on a re-print of a previous order. That caused... Read more

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I ordered 12 T-Shirts on Jun 22. and I paid it same day. Today is July 25 and I have not received them.I sent two messages to the company that what happened but I did not get an answer.So I just want to know why change the delivery date of each week? And I want to know when I get them?I ordered it the birthday of a friend but already two weeks past!!!! I checked the order status again and the new date is August 19.What they think about... Read more

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This will be a long one, but if you think you want to order from oo-shirts (or BOO-shirts, as I refer to them) you need to know a few things. We chose this company because of the swift, “guaranteed” arrival date and low prices. I have never had a more absurd, disappointing and fraudulent experience with a retailer before. Our event ran five days July 6-10. We ordered shirts for event volunteers to wear – also our thank you to the staff that... Read more

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Horrible company. I paid $66 for 2 tshirts to be rushed, Supposed to receive by the 11th. When I didn't get them I tried calling, emailing and Live chatting no one would answer me. My function was on the 16th. I finally got them on the 18th. They are offering me a $33 in house credit. Terrible customer support. NEVER do business with them Horrible company. I paid $66 for 2 tshirts to be rushed, Supposed to receive by the 11th. When I didn't get... Read more

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