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Got some extra time and $$ to *** away? Well then put in an order with ooShirts.com!

What a nightmare to work with.

We usually use 4imprint, Logosoftware, and DiscountMugs for shirt/swag printing. Just put in an order for $2029 with AmsterdamPrinting.com - we use them for pens. Decided to try a local company called ooShirts.com in Berkeley. Big mistake. What a nightmare.

They have an online design tool that supposedly shows you how your order will print.

Unfortunately the shirts arrived and the logos were scaled incorrectly.

The back logo appeared significantly smaller than as shown on the online design tool. The front logo was 3" above the position as shown by the online design tool.

Here's what it looked like in the ooShirts.com online editor (AND EXACTLY HOW I DESIRED IT TO LOOK):


Here is what I received:


Logo look a smidge smaller to you???

Here's the front as I wished it and designed it on their website (note size of logo and position below the armpit):


Here is what I received:


All the other companies also scale the logo as the shirt size rises. So that way on the larger sizes (L, XL, XXL) have an imprint that doesn't look tiny; and vice versa for the smaller sizes.

What the heck is going on?

Apparently ooShirts doesn't do this... Took me all day to figure out why...

Called ooShirts "Production Coordinator" Joe at 310-933-3302 at 9am 9/26/11 - was told that he understood and recognized the issue with the order, but needed to talk to his boss and would call right back.

No call back.

Called Joe AGAIN at 310-933-3302 at 12:15pm 9/26/11 - was told that still hadn't had a chance to talk to his boss but would be able to call me back right away.

No call back.

Called Eric at 510-984-4671 at 3:44pm - after being put on hold for a while, was told that all he was authorized to do was to instruct me to file a "reprint claim".

You've got to be kidding...

Eric is listed as the company's "Rap Lyricist" on their website: http://www.ooshirts.com/blog/employee-bio-eric-rap-lyricist/

Something didn't seem right here so started doing research on the company and realized many other people have had same issues.

Also discovered that ooShirts doesn't actually do anything, they just feed your order to another online shirt printing company and markup the price to you.

The reason why its coming out bad is that the design is getting lost in translation as they farm it out to one of the printers I could have just used directly.

Here's an online review where a person had the exact same issue as me:

"Ordered a t-shirt from them for someone running a marathon and they printed the content on the back way too small which was not what the proof has shown. Was told it would get reprinted immediately and would be shipped within 5 days. Waited a week and followed up to see what the issue was and they said the printers lost track of the order so will have it reprinted immediately. By this time it was the week of the marathon! When we we received the shirt, it came out to be even worse than the first one and not even the brand t-shirt that we originally ordered! Now we have to create a new shirt ourselves since it's so last minute."

The company is apparently owned and run by a 19 year old named Raymond Lei.

Their company "headquarters" address is:

64 Shattuck Square, Suite 285

Berkeley, CA 94704

When I asked them if I could come by to resolve this, Joe said that they were "in the process of moving" and that this wouldn't be a good idea.

Pretty hoakie eh?

It gets hoakier...

The registered agent is apparently Raymond's parents house in Cupertino: 10035 Byrne Ave / Cupertino CA 95014.

Public tax records show they're named Xiaolong Lei and Huang Chen.

Seriously. His parent's house. You couldn't have written this better.

I decided to head down to their company "headquarters" to check it out. Here is what I found:


Okay, don't judge a book by its cover, right? Maybe it gets better? Well... no...


This is starting to remind me of my college apartment...




Wow, such powerful signage:


Elevator wasn't out-of-order, but really should have been...


Next door to ooShirts is a "massage therapy" business:


Gorgeous view:


And here it is! The amazing ooShirts headquarters:


With another massage room on the other side:


In the end, it is amazing to me that they didn't use the many opportunities I afforded them to resolve this issue.

If they fail to refund my money, I will:

Dispute the credit card charge and get my money back regardless.File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau http://www.bbb.org/ (done 9/27)Paste this entry into Yelp, Google Reviews, PissedConsumer.com, and the usual list of other websites that welcome reviews.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------





It's unfortunate when what would otherwise be a good company messes up in thecommon sense area, and then seals the deal with bad customer service. I ordered a bunch of printed tshirts. I provided EPS artwork (everything is in vector format - notypefaces to mess up) but they decided to take that art and retype all the text in a random font that was close, but not exact".

They sent a proof, but since I sent art that really can't be screwed up in the normal world, I viewed it on my phone looking for things like missing elements and the like". When I received the shirts the change was totally obvious in real size - they had even taken stylized text in our logo and retyped it?.

When I asked them about it they said they use the customer's artwork as a "reference" and they aren't used to getting high quality artwork,. You'd think they'd be thrilled to get art they didn't have to mess with, but I guess they felt compelled". I told them they need to be more clear about the possible changes since theirprocess is not one that anyone who works with graphics would expect!. They said the fact that they sent a proof should indicate that they had altered the art,. Funny - most places send a proof to prove that they DIDN'T alter anything.. Bottom line - this company has some messed up practices and a "too bad so sad" attitude so just beware. ae4753


Buyer Bewarebyamelia35 at CitysearchI placed an order with ooshirts and there is some very important info consumers should know - even if you sent high quality vector artwork they only use your artwork as a "reference" (their words, not mine). In my case they took vector artwork and retyped all the text with a random font that was close, but different. When I received the proof (which I was looking at on my phone, not the size of the back of a t-shirt) I was looking for things like parts of the graphic missing - not in my wildest dreams did I think I needed to get out my magnifying glass to check that the letters (which had been converted to outlines in the EPS I sent) had not been replaced with a different font! They state that the mere fact that they send a proof should indicate that they altered the art. Don't most places try to keep the art as close as possible to the way it is sent instead of making unnecessary changes? They told me they don't usually get artwork that's high quality. I'm thinking it would be a relief to get a piece of high quality art so they don't have to mess with it, but I guess they felt compelled to mess with it anyway.

Bottom line, if you use this company be sure to specifiy that getting the artwork "close" is not acceptable, scour the proof with a fine toothed comb and don't assume that even if you sent graphics that should be print ready that there won't be changes made.


Horrible experience!by helum at CitysearchOrdered a t-shirt from them for someone running a marathon and they printed the content on the back way too small which was not what the proof has shown. Was told it would get reprinted immediately and would be shipped within 5 days. Waited a week and followed up to see what the issue was and they said the printers lost track of the order so will have it reprinted immediately. By this time it was the week of the marathon! When we we received the shirt, it came out to be even worse than the first one and not even the brand t-shirt that we originally ordered! Now we have to create a new shirt ourselves since it's so last minute.


Promised Refund,1 Month later no refund

by Seattle Superhero at CitysearchDon't buy from these people.

I've been waiting on a refund for several weeks. They said it was in processing but it is nowhere to be found.



by Kamran Rahman at CitysearchThese people sell you bad quality products and than disappear.

If you find your products are not up to par, don't ever expect to be able to get ahold of them. They conveniently disappear.

Please beware. Do NOT use this as a vendor. Go LOCAL!


Crooks! Scam! They Will Not Respond To My Refund Request!

by kamranistan at CitysearchI recently ordered my first print of t shirts and hoodies. I found Custom T-Shirts - Discount T-Shirt Printing - Design Online.

I read their mission statement and customer satisfaction guarantee online and was pleased. I went and ordered.

The tshirts were good but the hoodies were horrid. The printed artwork felt like it was about to peel off.

I call customer service and was transfered to someone in India who wasn't too sure about what was going on. He told me to ask for a refund through the oOshirts website.

I did that and was told by them that I would hear back within 24 hours. Well it has been 5 days and no word. The return policy is only good for a couple of weeks.

I have emailed them several times begging for even just a reprint. No reply.






by haphil at Citysearch

ooShirts took my money and NEVER sent me my product. Their phone number goes to India where no one could help me. No one at the company returned numerous emails or phone messages. I WAS SCAMMED. DON'T BE NEXT!

It doesn't matter how many people think this is a good company...There are so many others who have had the same experience as mine! I wish I had read those reviews before ordering!


ooShirts is a complete scam!

by barkcreative at Citysearch

After ordering shirts online with ooShirts, they neglected to make an edit to the layout and provide an additional proof. Moreso, the shirts were shipped WITHOUT approval to my client! I have been trying to get someone there to help me for 3 weeks, but they only have one phone number to take orders with and no other numbers or people to talk to. No corporate headquarters. No customer service. No nothing. They don't appear on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, I'm sure that this is because they don't want to be found. I cannot find a single working number for them other than an answering machine and the order line. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM OOSHIRTS. They are a complete scam. If anyone has found a way of getting ahold of them, please let me know! Want to know more about what a schlock company they are? visit www.ooshirts(dot)com and try to call their customer service line!

Monetary Loss: $225.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #855404


Our firm has worked globally with custom tee shirts print houses and found OOShirts to be the WORST!

We just wasted 15 man hours and 30 days or being charged upfront and then again with a surcharge only to be told they can't produce the simple order, then they could then they couldn't and finally we cancelled the order.

After spending a bit of time we learned that they outsource to several print facilities around the USA and they have no control over their quality.

Their customer service extremely bad-every attempt has to be made to try and speak directly with a human being and once connected they provide you with bad information.

Avoid this company at all costs!


Do not go to this company for any printing! I ordered simple shirts with text, and they put my order on hold because they felt the grey I chose was not dark enough (!?).

Then, instead of having a live person call you, they have an automated system call you and ask for you to call them! You call them and it goes to voicemail!! Or it just hangs up on you! UGHHH so frustrating.

Well, I needed this shirts by a certain day, and guess what...

they're not even shipped out. I call to cancel, and they won't cancel my order, instead they hang up the phone on me!

Bottom-line, they say right on their site under their price guarantee that they guarantee quality, timeliness, etc...

it's all fake and all lies.

They are unorganized, unhelpful, and some were very rude: Nikkie, Angelita, Shania,

When they "transfer" you to someone to help you, it either goes to voicemail or simply hangs up the phone! Don't expect any quality customer service!


I can't believe they are still making money.

We ordered 3 different designed T-shirts, and they messed up all of them.

I would understand if it just one, but all of them?

First one was printed in wrong ink color. Second and third T-shirt came after our event, even though we ordered them far ahead.

On top of that, they made *** printing mistakes for all of them.

I don't think even kids can make those mistakes.

And now they are trying not to refund them of reprint them. We've been talking same thing over and over for almost two months now.

I feel like they don't understand English.


Ooshirts was definitely the worst company I've ever had to deal with! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

Westminster, Colorado, United States #794470

Similarly horrid experience! Spoke to no less than six reps over the course of two weeks to ensure the order would be received on time.

Placed four orders.

Two are scheduled to be delivered late despite all my efforts. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Dover, New Hampshire, United States #784195

I've had the same experience as most of the people on here. I can't even comprehend how their customer service is this non-existent.

I ordered 50 shirts about a month ago. I keep getting automated calls saying I need to call them, but when I do, NO ONE ANSWERS! I've spent hours on hold waiting for ANYONE. Sometimes I'll wait 30 minutes, only to be directed to what I'm guessing is a fax machine?

This is insane. They've already taken my money, they say there's an issue with my design, but I absolutely can't get ahold of them. I've sent around 10 emails with no response.

There's no way I'm meeting the deadline I had for these shirts. I feel bad for the representative that I finally get ahold of(if i ever do..)


Your pictures aren't working. And it was such a juicy story, too. :(


Your pictures aren't working. And it was such a juicy story, too. :(


I agree. I don't know how they stay in business when they are so rude to their customers.

Manu was awful, he admitted to be arrogant. The CEO needs to reign in his company and learn that a positive word of mouth goes a long way.


I had an AWFUL experience just like this. I, too, told them they must work out of a house.

Never spoken to someone so rude, arrogant, and immature. Almost like a high school kid, the "misprints" department contact is a complete child!

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