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The worse company I could ever order anything from . My shirt was the wrong color and the print was horrible . Never in my dreams did I think i would get a shirt that I could not wear. I just copied and pasted there Guarantees. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are a scam company. Making money off the wrong product they send it .

What We Guarantee

We know how difficult it can be to trust an online company with customizable apparel. There are so many details that must be communicated, and so many questions that can be asked. We want to this process as easy as possible, and have worked hard to do so by offering online reviews, instant quotes, and one-on-one customer support. In addition to these, in the rare case that something still goes wrong, we also offer a fair satisfaction guarantee.

No Surprises

We guarantee that the design you receive will look like the design you created in the online proof. If the print is much different from what you expected, we'll reprint your entire order for free.

Print Quality Assurance

The very last thing you want to see when you receive your custom t-shirts is a battered down design. We promise our prints are of the highest quality, and will last through many washes. If within the first two weeks, you wash your garments according to our care instructions and see your print deteriorate, we'll reprint your order for you and ship it to your door free of charge.

Absolute Delivery Deadlines

One day can make a big difference. Whether it's a vacation or a fundraiser, if your shirts are late even one day, they can become a wasted purchase. We understand this and deal with deadlines very seriously.

The Best Prices

In addition to offering store-quality prints, we offer them to you at the lowest prices. We always look around to make sure our prices are the lowest, but if you catch any other site posting lower prices than ours, please let us know!

All-Inclusive Pricing

We know how frustrating it is to deal with other sites that confusingly leave out shipping, setup, and other hidden fees from their prices. It is a terrible feeling to see your checkout price come out unexpectedly come out higher than you had originally envisioned. We believe nobody should have to go through that process. That is why we provide all-inclusive prices when you get a quote.

I have added pictures of the shirt they sent us. LOOKS like ***.

I have been going back and forth with there customer claim email person and she wants me to purchase the shirt again by giving me a coupon in the amount of the shirt which is 34.66. So I went back on the site redesigned the shirt with a different type of shirt which cost me 32.37. Which is 2.29 less than purchase first . But there is a catch they want me to put my card information in again for a 0.01 and I will not due it . This is there mistake and they do not need me to pay them anymore money for *** *** work.

Reason of review: ALL THE ABOVE ISSUES .

I didn't like: Poor shipping, Lack of response, Customer service, Lack of delivery stolen money, Stolen money.

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