First experience was when I ordered $500 dollars worth of shirts for my Police Officers in celebration of Police Week, order was placed 2 months in advance. Order was supposed to be in my hands two weeks prior to the start of Police Week, and it wasn't.

I tried to reach out to company multiple times to only receive the run around, with dates and "printing issues" occurring. I was told that I could reach the claims department only after arrival. TIA would hang-up on me, or transfer me around. My order came 1 month after Police Week had finished and the order had wrong sizes and quantities.

I reached out to claims, in which their response was we can give you a discount code to use (25%) off, I said not good enough. They replied with a discount code of half of my original payment to be used on a future order. Second time I used my discount order amount to order shirts for my Gym mates, and was given a delivery date of roughly 1 month from order. Arrival day comes and no package, I reach out to customer support only to get TIA again who gives the exact same verbiage she used before.

Now it is 2 weeks after original delivery date, and still nothing. It is amazing that this company is still in business, because their standards are crap.

There is no taking of responsibility, just pass the blame onto a different department. They may seem like a good deal, but pay the extra money because at least you'll get good service and a company that cares.

Reason of review: Everything about this company is terrible.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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