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My t-shirt order was promised on the 27th of June. They didn't arrive. I have called Ooshirts several times and talked to their "tier three" customer service, who told me that I would have them by July 3rd for our event. By July 5th, still no shirts, no tracking numbers, no follow up, nothing. My last two phone calls to their "tier three" customer service were not even answered. The phone just continued to ring.

This is the third time that I have ordered with Ooshirts and the second time that my order has been delayed and no one could tell me why. The closest thing to an explanation that I received from my last phone conversation with them about why my order is languishing in some digital black hole was that there was "an internal error" with my order. When I asked what that meant, the "tier three" customer service guy didn't know. He simply said "the printer may have just been out of one of the sizes of shirt."

I have asked repeatedly for them to simply call the printer to find out what is going on, but the response I get is that they will send the printer an instant message and see if they respond. I know that actually speaking to the human being who is supposed to be printing my order to find out why it is delayed is not the techie way that people are supposed to communicate these days, but when messaging is not working, it won't kill anyone to pick up the phone and speak to one of their vendors to find out why my order is not being printed as promised.

It is also very demoralizing and frustrating when their customer service people say that they are going to call me back with a status update or with some answers about why my order is delayed, and they never do. Three times now, I have been told by their "tier three" people that they will call me back and they never have.

All of this suggests to me that as long as the money is easy and the orders just flow through without a hitch, the folks at Ooshirts are very happy and everything is good. But when problems arise in their production process, there just isn't adequate interest in taking the extra steps necessary to ensure that the problem orders are satisfactorily handled.

I am a business owner. I totally get that sometimes things happen. But when problems happen, you have to become an advocate for your customer and do whatever is necessary to make sure that the money, time, and trust invested in you does not become a source of frustration and regret. A low cost on a product that can't be delivered is not a good value.

I have since come to discover that the Better Business Bureau of Northern California rates ooShirts.com as a D- (ratings range from A+ to F). The BBB receives an average of about two complaints per week about ooShirts.com.

Review about: Ooshirts T-shirt.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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