At first I really liked the company because of the products and price, but now I am so disappointed in their customer service.

First, they need to fix their "tracking" update. When you buy your products and check the status, it never gives you an update on the tracking number. It will just say "Your items have been shipped by. Here is the tracking number." And it never updates so you have to call them up to get it. Then, if you do call, it takes forever to get anyone on the phone. A few times I called they said I was number on on the cue with a 1 minute wait time--- I waited 30 minutes then finally hung up. Today, it was over 5 minutes. I think they have one person there to answer because it's usually the same person if they do pick up.

Second and this is what did it: I was promised a RUSH DELIVERY DATE of March 6th. And as you know, you have to pay between 25-50% EXTRA to get it delivered. So today I never got my order. I called them and the young woman on the phone acted jaded and emotionless when I explained. She claimed that it was a production error because they "ran out of hoodies" so they had to "get more". Then she says I was supposed to get an email about the delay with the new tracking number... uh no... I never got that. She doesn't believe me. I ask her, why do I get other ooShirt emails then??? Why not these two emails? She just repeats the same thing: "We sent the emails to you. This is a production error." She obviously has no answer except the one written in her script. And so what if I eventually get the emails. That doesn't even matter.

So, fine, I ask when they are supposed to arrive. She says next Wednesday, which will be a 3-day delay. I ask for a refund for the rush delivery and she simply says "No. We do not give refunds on shipping when there is a production error. And, the rush delivery only counts AFTER the product is shipped." I'll admit, I was livid. Then she said that the only way I could get refunded was if they "redo" my shipping and change it to standard shipping... I ask "How are you going to do that if the item already has a UPS tracking number for rush delivery?" No answer. She sort of stumbles over some nonsensical words.

Okay, I get it. I've ordered shirts and jackets for many years. I understand that the shipping and production delivery dates are two separate things, however, the website and my confirmation email said "Items delivered on March 6".

How can a company make a false promise and then not compensate for THEIR mistake? I understand if the product was shipped and a snow storm caused a delay or that I didn't approve the art work on time, but the fact that it was delayed because they "ran out of hoodies" is not my fault.

Just FYI: Uberprints did this a while back and ran out of a certain shirt I ordered. They called to let me know then immediately refunded my shipping money without me even asking. In fact, I got a refund receipt before the phone call. Amazing service.

So, anyway I had to write to escalations@ooshirts.com about my complaint. Cheyenne responds with a standard template about how sorry they are and says "I am showing that we sent you the emails regarding the delay" and adds that I should really check my Spam box. I did!!! And that still doesn't answer why I get every other email from you guys! Oh and so then she adds that my refund claim is going to their Claims Department, which has the "highest authority over such issues."

I get an email from Monica from the "Claims Department". Can we just say that this is a small company and that I know they are all sitting around the same cubicle? Probably the same person. Monica says in a standard template that she is sorry about it and that they can't make a decision on my refund claim for the shipping until I received my garments. Why does this matter ooShirts???? This is $60-$80 we are talking about after I've spent over $1000 on your stuff over the past month. And I am repeat customer. Well, not anymore.

Anyway, now I don't care about the shipping refund. I'm just disappointed that this company would rather play games with their customers about a shipping fee than make them happy.

They will probably respond to this with something like "We reached out and we tried to resolve with customer..." I will only change or delete this review if I am compensated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ooshirts Shirt.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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