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I ordered 100 t-shirts for my son's school for the athletic's club. I recieved them on time and they were the font i ordered, but the colors were completely different.

His school colors are marroon and silver. On the print i sent them, it had the exact same colors as i would have liked to have, and before the printing even began, customer service called me (exactly like i had asked) and asked if i wanted to combine orders (i had to do seperate orders for youth sizes and adult sizes). On the same phone call she and I talked about if the PMS colors on the computer were not exactly the same as the digital print i had sent, then change it to make sure they will be the correct colors i had on the digital print. She told me she would make sure that happened immediately before printing began.

Thursday when i recieved the shirts, it was bright red and dark grey! almost black...which is not even near the color silver, and bright red is not marroon either. I called customer service to complain and see what i could do to get a refund or get the shirts fixed, because we needed them next week for football practices to start, but a guy answered and absolutely COULD NOT help me. He was not understanding what I was saying, and I had the football coach even try and explain it to him, we can not use t-shirts that are not our school colors.

He said "your problem not ours, we have to re-design the designs we get in." Well why???? makes no sense to me, but I kindly asked to speak to someone higher up than him and he said he was the supervisor and their boss was rarely in. Hmmmm, I wonder why? Because (s)he would be listining to complaints all day?

Anyway, customer service is being no help what-so-ever, and they never answer any calls or emails and they NEVER call you back when they say they will. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THIS SCAMMER EVER AGAIN!

So football practice starts this Tuesday, and we have no practice shirts, THANKS OOSHIRTS! : (

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